About Us

JobfastNg is a fast growing Human Resource Organization that specializes in Advertisement of Scholarships, Internships and Jobs.

We are a very strong and versatile organization with the sole aim of creating employment awareness for employers through the internet, short message service, and every other means available to us thereby bridging the long gap between employees and employers. There are very large numbers of graduates, semi-skilled and skilled individuals who are energetic, ready to work and get paid scattered all over the place looking for job placements and/or opportunities, there are also vast numbers of organizations with empty seats and positions, some are expanding and need more hands, some have people retiring from job positions and need replacement.  We saw that there is an imperative need to create a symbiotic relationship between these two groups and so we have created a channel, as a worthy mouthpiece to meet the needs of both parties.

We also advertise scholarships and available internships for undergraduate and graduate students thereby serving as a strong hold to help people who want to further their studies but do not have enough finance or resources to gain access to partial or fully funded tuition education. This is because our young and upcoming generation needs strong educational foundation and supports to enable them meet the high requirements, standards and skills demanded by potential employers of tomorrow.

We are the mouthpiece of employers, the ears of employees, the voice of the scholarship awarders and the eyes of the awardees and students… We are JobfastNg. Welcome on board.

JobfastNg Team.

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