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Days of Anger Will Arise

Posted by | April 10, 2015 | Career Resources, Education, Work-Life

There are good days at the office. That there are good days also means that there will be bad ones also. However, we don't always go to our offices prepped up to bear down on our colleagues and subordinates like angry bulls on heat. We also do not go to the office expecting that the roof will cave in, that salaries will not be paid on payday or that the sugar stacked in the store suddenly had ants crawling over them.   The truth is that from time to time, ugly dots will appear on the otherwise unspotted landscapes of our organisations. ...

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Ways Up The Ladder

Posted by | December 12, 2014 | Career Resources

It’s a natural desire to grow at whatever we do in life. The work place is not exempted from this. Rising up the ladder comes with its own baggage. And it’s not really a teeny weeny ride up. However, some strategies and plans can help you reach their faster than planned.   - Don’t wait for responsibility to fall into your laps, ask for it. It’s often the default mode of employees to wait for responsibilities to be thrown at them. Break this default pattern. Go, ask for more responsibilities in line with what you are doing, even if there won’t be an ...

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Frustrated Leadership

Posted by | October 30, 2014 | Career Resources

It’s setting up oneself for frustration, stress and anxiety for a leader to allow or set rules demanding that all decision be sieved by him before execution.   Within the organization there exist followers who are so emboldened by the vision they have for the organization, especially if the organization’s mission tally with their life’s aspirations. They believe so strongly that the organization will be ferried to glorious heights should their inputs be accepted.   But it doesn’t always happen. For these folks, it creates such tension for them so much in a way that they seek to usurp powers, throw their hands up ...

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The Bane of Meetings

Posted by | October 5, 2014 | Career Resources

The grass cutting machine is broken, let’s have a meeting! The air conditioner in the toilet is faulty, let’s have a meeting! The tire of the MD’s car has a nail stuck into it, let’s have a meeting! The members of staff are demanding that they have sweets on their desk while at work, let’s have a meeting!   The MD’s wife just had a child, let’s convene a meeting so we can decide on what to buy for her during the child naming ceremony! For an organization, reasons for convening certain meetings are ridiculous. Crammed into a room are folks who may not have any reason to be ...

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Expectations and Impacts

Posted by | September 26, 2014 | Career Resources

Every worker who is employed in any organization certainly has expectations. We look forward to having a ‘nice’ time working for that organization and being proud to wear its uniforms or badges. It’s a thing of honour to do so. For some they desire safety and respect. They want to see their roles as sustainable and not easily interchangeable like car parts. They desire that doing the jobs required of them will reap the commensurate rewards. Just saying you work there is a status symbol that requires respect. We look forward to having a map of advancement charted for us so we can see the different ...

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“Capo, Not Possible Tomorrow!”

Posted by | September 20, 2014 | Career Resources

It’s 11:45 a.m. on a Saturday. The Capo, hands at the back, walks briskly into the workshop and beckons to Mr. Wole. A conversation ensues. Capo: Mr. Wole, ma you understand tomorrow you come to work? Mr. Wole: Capo, you understand tomorrow is Sunday? Capo: Eh, me understand, ma this work is very urgent eh. Need finish quickly quickly. Mr. Wole: Capo, you understand I already speak you tomorrow is my baby dedication. Capo : Eh (waving his hands frantically) me understand, ma this job very important. Without job, no money. No money for the family, family kaput, you understand? Tomorrow you come to work. Mr. Wole: Capo, ...

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Thought Leaders Are The Best Bosses

Posted by | August 11, 2014 | Career Resources

Several years ago I used to work under a boss whose leadership style wowed my heart. He usually started an assignment by assembling all of us at a round table and asking us our inputs. “Hey guys,” he’ll start, “based on my experience and the requirements of this project I think this is the way we can execute this task. So what do you think?” He’d grant all of us the latitude to express our opinions, no matter how silly they were. I was a young engineering intern under him. It really did a lot to my confidence and growth that such a revered man, having ...

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Mediocrity Isn’t Your Middle Name

Posted by | July 29, 2014 | Career Resources

When Cliff was born his parents said it was a mistake. They believed they were supposed to have a girl. They got a boy instead. They nicknamed him “Boo-boo” which is another word for mistake in their local dialect. Booboo was the youngest child in a poor Louisiana family. He didn’t enjoy any of the advantages most folks take for granted. To make it worse, he didn’t do well at school. He flunked out in the 8th and also never made it to high school. Those failures tried to confirm his birth as a mistake. But Booboo loved horses. And he had a great work ethic. ...

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When Winning Feels Like Losing

Posted by | December 26, 2013 | Career Resources

After the 1992 Barcelona Summer Olympics, researchers from Cornell University studied the facial expressions of all the athletes who won gold, silver, and bronze medals. They analyzed footage of ceremonies and television interviews and found that gold medalists seemed the happiest. What a shock, right? But they also noticed something surprising: The bronze medalists seemed much happier than the silver medalists. How could athletes who finished third be happier than athletes who finished second? The answer lies in understanding what psychologists call counterfactual thinking, or what the rest of us call, "Wait; if only..." In simple terms (handily enough the only terms I understand), ...