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Days of Anger Will Arise

Posted by | April 10, 2015 | Career Resources, Education, Work-Life

There are good days at the office. That there are good days also means that there will be bad ones also. However, we don't always go to our offices prepped up to bear down on our colleagues and subordinates like angry bulls on heat. We also do not go to the office expecting that the roof will cave in, that salaries will not be paid on payday or that the sugar stacked in the store suddenly had ants crawling over them.   The truth is that from time to time, ugly dots will appear on the otherwise unspotted landscapes of our organisations. ...

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Your Culture, My Culture

Posted by | March 24, 2015 | Education, Work-Life

Your Culture, My Culture Culture is a set of beliefs and rules of behaviour that govern language, ritual, art, technology, styles of dressing, ways of producing and cooking food, religious and political systems embraced by a people. Like it or not, our lives are run by cultural beliefs. If you don't believe, examine the scenario below. How many of our women are raised with the goal of becoming millionaires by the age of 28? If they exist, they're like grains of sand in a bag of polished Mama Gold rice. On the contrary, many of our ladies are raised to be in their ...

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Before You Kick Your Boss’ Ass

Posted by | March 9, 2015 | Education

We look at the pictures of the greats - Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Ghandi et al - with undisguised adoration. You're hurtled into portals of dreams, wishing that your life was like theirs; folks who have made legendary impact. You think, dream of being more, but somehow the routine of work life keeps you sucked in. Life breezes past like a speed train.   You struggle to stay motivated. It's quite agonizing knowing that your life can be worth more, but you feel shackled. You struggle to stay motivated. It's usually agonizing knowing that your life can be worth more, but you feel really ...

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Leadership – Its Judgement

Posted by | February 17, 2015 | Education

  How do you judge the quality of a leader? Look at the people around him. When you find someone who is unwilling to take responsibility, you have found a defective leader. You do not point at people, it is always a leadership question. A leader does not lead people to where they are already. She leads them to where they are going. Leadership requires you to emotionally connect with tomorrow. Leadership requires you to take yourself away from now. It requires you to mentally envision tomorrow.  

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Nigeria’s Normal Thinking Graduates hate Abnormality

Posted by | August 20, 2014 | Education

Having graduated from the university as a mechanical engineer, Adaka had trekked the entire length and breadth of Port Harcourt’s Trans-Amadi Industrial Estate in search of a job to no avail. At the last count, he felt his curriculum vitae (which only had his industrial training of six months as the only working experience) had graced almost every receptionist’s inbound tray in all the companies there. His uncles who had promised him jobs after school came up with many excuses or at least told him he would be contacted if anything came up. Three years down the line, no call from any uncle had graced his ...

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10 Inspiring stories of Nigerians who quit their career, pursued their passion and Became Successful

Posted by | January 2, 2014 | Education

Sometimes we find ourselves at the cross road of our career. It used to seem as if you knew where you were going but suddenly, you are left to ask the life changing questions; is this really what I want? Should I go left or right? Should I stick with this or try something different? Should I follow my passion or stick with what I have at hand? This happens to the best of us – even the successful business owners, celebrities and professional we have come to admire. Yet they were able to figure out their answer. The results of ...