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Days of Anger Will Arise

Posted by | April 10, 2015 | Career Resources, Education, Work-Life

There are good days at the office. That there are good days also means that there will be bad ones also. However, we don't always go to our offices prepped up to bear down on our colleagues and subordinates like angry bulls on heat. We also do not go to the office expecting that the roof will cave in, that salaries will not be paid on payday or that the sugar stacked in the store suddenly had ants crawling over them.   The truth is that from time to time, ugly dots will appear on the otherwise unspotted landscapes of our organisations. ...

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Your Culture, My Culture

Posted by | March 24, 2015 | Education, Work-Life

Your Culture, My Culture Culture is a set of beliefs and rules of behaviour that govern language, ritual, art, technology, styles of dressing, ways of producing and cooking food, religious and political systems embraced by a people. Like it or not, our lives are run by cultural beliefs. If you don't believe, examine the scenario below. How many of our women are raised with the goal of becoming millionaires by the age of 28? If they exist, they're like grains of sand in a bag of polished Mama Gold rice. On the contrary, many of our ladies are raised to be in their ...

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Keep Stress Under Tabs

Posted by | January 26, 2015 | Uncategorized, Work-Life

The year has started and the mill is rolling once more. The walls of organizations have taken on different temperaments as employees grind and churn and wind at varying paces. In our contemporary world, neck deep in competition the frenzy can be very overwhelming as employees regularly put in extended working hours to meet choking deadlines. We are constantly being assaulted by stresses and worries as we are asked to move faster and produce more. As the clock ticks, stress takes a toll on the health of many. Unknown to many employees, stress is a trigger for many heath complications.   “Stress produces changes in many body systems; examples ...

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Battle of Resolutions And Goals

Posted by | January 12, 2015 | Work-Life

New things come with a certain novelty. There is an excitement that makes us pamper new stuff in our lives - new babies, new toys, new wives, new furniture and new cars. The New Year is not left out. That is why it is celebrated with so much pomp and pageantry in all nations of the world. The newness is associated with freshness even though there may not be a remarkable difference between the 31st of the previous year and the 1st day of the New Year.   One recurring feature of the New Year celebrations is the setting of New Year resolutions. It seems it’s an ...

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Clarify, Clarify, Clarify

Posted by | December 12, 2014 | Work-Life

The successes we encounter in our lives mainly hinge on the clarity of our desires and goals. Unclarified courses of action account largely for the frustration many individuals experience in our lives. It’s akin to entering a car, stepping on the pedals and just driving in whatever direction you feel like. If people who are to get to a destination are the passengers, they’ll probably miss their destination, and that’s insane. But, funny as this many sound, being unclear about missions and responsibilities has bedeviled many lives.   Employees with clearly defined and clearly written goals find out that they achieve a ...

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Dealing With Stress At Work

Posted by | December 12, 2014 | Work-Life

According to medical research, the percentage of employees who are stressed at work is high. With the cut-throat competitive nature of our contemporary business landscape, this is not abating. The statistics are climbing higher up the scales.   The result of this is that we have employees who are battling with various health issues – depression, diabetes, hypertension, heart defects and psychosomatic disorders. Stress at work is so common and looking to hook up with one that is less stressful is like a pin in a haystack, so many stay put in the rut.   However, there are strategies to adopt to fend off ...

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Working In A Changing World

Posted by | December 12, 2014 | Work-Life

More techies. More inventions. Uber-speed processes. Redefined business transactions. We cannot gainsay the truth that the rate of change in our contemporary world is so rapid that before your sneeze in a sneezing bout, a thousand applications have been added to the app world. The rate of change is so rapid and it is attributable to new technology, added knowledge, demographic mapping, and the ‘shrinking’ of our planet.   We live in an age where everything seems to have advanced. Voyages that used to take months many years take a few hours. Tasks that are accomplished snail-speed rates are done at the blink ...

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The Born Again Crowd

Posted by | November 22, 2014 | Work-Life

I remember the time I became born again. My friends became outcasts. They became outcasts because of certain acts which hitherto were common place for me. Now, the drinking, the loose jokes and talks, the night clubbing and womanizing became anathemas to me. I realized I had to become separated from them, the reason being that I needed to disrupt my support system.   Disrupting your support system is akin to the cutting of the umbilical cord of the baby after it is born. Within the womb, the conditions are supportive to the needs of the baby pre-birth. The nutrients it needs are passed from the mum to ...

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The Employee Vs The Entrepreneur – Crossing The Divide

Posted by | November 21, 2014 | Work-Life

Many employees who have seen an entrepreneurial promise to their creative abilities often despise their cubicle life. It’s cagey for many of them. Suddenly working for their bosses becomes unfulfilling and boring. The nagging itch to venture into the world and create stuff and add value and reap financial rewards becomes a constant companion. There are many in this kind of situation. However, basking in this enthusiasm to row that boat blindfolds the façade of such employees to the reality of the billowing waves on entrepreneurial waters. Unknown to them, the world away from their hitherto corporate lounges is a rocky ride.   There’s a popular myth that ...

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The Contemporary Current

Posted by | October 30, 2014 | Work-Life

The routine is the same for many employees week in week out – wear ties and suits or coveralls to work all week, develop fraternal relationships at the work place, thank God when it is Friday, hang out with pals on Saturday night and spend Sunday in church and then sleep in preparation for Monday. The cycle continues year in, year out.   Here’s how to surprise yourself : break the current. Swim against it like a fish. Engage with that activity only you can do so well – doodle, write, sing, weave hairs, sew clothes.   By all means do it. You’ll find ...